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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
Thousands of businesses around the country and in Grand Forks are switching to subscriptions for their ice machine solution!

Does your Grand Forks business need a new ice machine?  Subscriptions are the fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing ice machines.  The only company that offers subscriptions that cover all repairs, maintenance, and Breakdown Ice is Easy Ice.  Our all-inclusive subscriptions are affordable and convenient for all businesses.

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, extended care facilities, schools, and health clubs in Grand Forks all need ice machines.  The problem is that ice machines have been voted the #1 piece of equipment businesses would NOT like to buy.  Until Easy Ice leasing was your only other option.  But long term contracts that don’t cover any other bills leaves you wondering how much you will have to spend every month on your ice machine.

Subscriptions are the most affordable all-inclusive commercial ice machine solution available today!

When we say all-inclusive we mean it!  We don’t leave you with any other bills except your fixed monthly payment.  Qualified customers sign onto a month to month contract.  Cancel at any time with a 30 day notice and you won’t have any cancelation fees.

When a problem occurs call our 24/7 US based call center and let us know.  We will have a technician out to fix your problem.  All repair bills for both parts and labor are covered in your subscription fee.  If we cannot get a technician out that same day we will pay the tab for Breakdown Ice.

Since Easy Ice owns every ice machine we place in a business and we pay for all the repair bills we don’t want to have the ice maker break down.  Included in the subscription is bi-annual deep cleanings to ensure you always have clean ice.

To make things better we only use the best ice machines in the industry.  Hoshizaki ice machines have been the only ice machines we purchase since the beginning.  If we can be confident owning thousands of these ice machines, you can be confident having one in your business

Whether you’re located in Grand Forks, Crookston, Mekinock, Big Woods, Alvarado, Warren, Cummings, or Mayville call us today.  When you call you will receive a free estimate and an onsite survey.

Don’t leave your profits at the mercy of expensive repair bills. Subscribe and never pay an extra penny for a cube of ice again!

Learn Why Ice Machine Subscriptions are the Smartest Decision