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Affordable, all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions available in Harrisonburg!

Are you thinking about getting a new ice machine for your Harrisonburg business?  Until recently, your only options in Harrisonburg for a new ice maker were to buy or lease the equipment.  Subscriptions are a smarter alternative to leasing or buying commercial ice machines in Harrisonburg!

Ice machine subscriptions require No Capital or Risk and are the best end-to-end solution for companies that depend on ice. Subscriptions are affordable and all-inclusive.  Our low monthly fee is fixed and predictable. Doesn’t your Harrisonburg business deserve to know what you’ll pay for ice each month?

Subscribers across Virginia and Harrisonburg love their ice machine subscriptions!  Customers tell us they wished they’d known about subscriptions sooner.  We take all of the hassles and unpredictability out of having a commercial ice maker on site.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are preferred by thousands of companies nationwide over buying or leasing!

With a subscription, your Harrisonburg business receives a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine plus all service.  Preventive maintenance is covered.  Deep cleanings of the ice machine are covered (2 per year).  Repairs (parts and labor) are covered.  Even Breakdown Ice is included in your low monthly fee!

Subscriptions are different than traditional commercial ice machine leases. Qualified customers in Harrisonburg do not have a term lease. Standard leases of ice machines will tie you into a 3-5 year lease with penalties for cancellation. Subscriptions however give our qualified customers in Harrisonburg flexibility. No cancellation fees for qualified subscribers with only 30 days notice. No Risk!

Our flexible subscriptions allow customer in Harrisonburg and across the nation to switch to a larger ice maker if their business grows. With no penalty, just a one time small fee, our Upsizing Program allows you to upgrade to an ice machine with greater ice making capacity. You won’t find a more flexible, affordable or predictable program for commercial ice machines in Harrisonburg!

Subscriptions are different from rentals in that we perform all maintenance and repairs on the ice machine. However, subscriptions are not for seasonal use (qualifying customers must have an ongoing need for ice).

Once we’ve delivered and installed a new Hoshizaki ice machine at your Harrisonburg business, you just need to provide the water and electricity — Easy Ice does the rest! Twice per year we send a technician to your Harrisonburg location to perform routine maintenance. We deep clean the ice machine, replace the water filter and inspect the ice maker for any issues. Biannual maintenance visits, including cleaning and standard water filter replacement, are Free!

Should the ice machine break down in between visits, no problem! Just call our Customer Service team (U.S.-based, 24/7 coverage) and we’ll dispatch a technician to your Harrisonburg business. We’ve partnered with Ecolab and Reddy Ice to bring our customers the best service and replacement ice available.

Restaurants, corporate facilities, golf courses, convenience stores and hotels in Harrisburg need a commercial ice machine on site. So do hospitals, health clubs, churches, event centers, schools and assisted living facilities.

We are the only company that offers ice machine subscriptions nationally. We have service in Harrisonburg, Culpeper, Montclair, Manassas, Washington DC, Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

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