All-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions available in High Point!

Thank you for visiting Easy Ice, the community resource for the finest commercial ice machines and additionally commercial ice dispensers to be found in High Point in these times. We can offer your enterprise a reliable supply of on-site ice which is:

  • Capital F-r-e-e — without long running contracts to put your signature on
  • Maintenance Free — we carry out each and every routine maintenance in addition to the repairs
  • Worry Free — We always guarantee your ice supply
  • Risk F-r-e-e: Customized, based on your company needs
  • Delivered with First Class Customer Care

Capital F-r-e-e without having a Long-term Legally binding contract!

Easy Ice is the very first in addition to the sole nationwide provider for month-to-month subscriptions for commercial ice machines within High Point. Although a nation-wide access renders the best prices for your requirements, our area office will provide your business world-class customer support. Our Easy Ice subscription plan’s the revolutionary, easier alternative option to acquiring or leasing. The actual Easy Ice subscription consists of:

  • Ice machines
  • Bins and/or ice dispensers
  • Water filtration systems

Easy Ice will furnish all of this just for a set fee every month depending on the very ice capacity you’ll need for your commercial enterprise – starting off as little as $129 per month. There is absolutely no upfront investment capital or long-run contract to sign. A subscription that includes Easy Ice is always predictable, flexible and simply worry free.

The fastest growing ice solution in the country! Subscriptions from Easy Ice!

Maintenance Free!

Our staff members will bear full functional responsibility with regards to your High Point commercial ice machines, ice dispensers and in addition bins – all with simply no extra costs back to you. We can address:

  • Installation
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Water filter change outs
  • Repairs, and this includes materials as well as the labor
  • Back-up ice when your machine by chance breaks down

Get rid of big servicing outlay and / or holiday surcharges. Abolish difficult warranty forms that you must complete. As an alternative, your organization will gain from our local office found in/near High Point. We can also clear away your unwanted makers or commercial ice dispensers at zero additional costs to your business. All you need to produce will be water, operational electricity as well as spot for the units. The Easy Ice subscription is considered to be Hassle Free!

Guaranteed Ice Supply!

You will get improved comfort with an Easy Ice subscription. When you give us a call with regard to repair for one of the company’s High Point commercial ice machines, our guarantee back to you would be to get ice back in your company’s bin within just three to six hrs. of the company’s notification. But if the unit is just not repairable in the time-frame, we’ll bring ice to your location at no supplementary expense to you. Then, we will continue to provide this delivery until your commercial ice machines are unquestionably once again back to top operation. That’s exactly what High Point corporations can rely on with the Easy Ice promise. We all take operational headaches off of your shoulders.

Risk F-r-e-e!

A new month-to-month subscription using Easy Ice is considered Adaptable and additionally Risk F-r-e-e!

  • If your organization specifications change, we could add to and even reduce your ice quantity at any time. We’ll re-install bigger or even smaller commercial ice machines and dispensers one time per year. We offer total flexibility to fulfill all of the evolving demands of your company located in High Point.
  • There are no long term plans designed for the company’s subscriptions. Believe it or not, you can stop your company’s subscription with as few as thirty-days notice. Try us, you have nothing to lose.

Any subscription in Easy Ice is similar to receiving natural gas or electricity from the community High Point utility. Getting your commercial ice machines and ice dispensers via the company is in fact predictable, dependable as well as trouble f-r-e-e – though a lot more adaptable.

The Machines you Need!

We provide Hoshizaki commercial ice machines just for High Point ranging in volume starting from two-hundred-fifty up through nineteen hundred pounds/day. The models are utilized on ice bins, fountain dispensers, motel ice dispensers and as well as ice/water dispensers. We’ve also got ice machines with built-in bins.

  • We offer the Hoshizaki commercial ice dispensers plus bins within High Point to fit your requirements. Subscriptions are offered for ice bins ranging in overall size starting from 3 hundred all the way up through nine-hundred lbs. Plus should you need dispensers, we certainly have those also.
  • Resort ice dispensers
  • Ice and water dispensers (utilized in break areas, waiting rooms and offices)

Best-in-Class Customer Service!

Our commitment to top notch customer care is apparent in everything that we all offer. The 24-hours-per-day, 365 days-per-year U.S.-based Call Center is always here when you require our company – including afterhours, and on weekends and holidays. We’ll also offer you your peak ice requirements for your special events at competitive market rates. We’re only a phone call away at 866-easyice.

We guarantee a dependable ice source produced by our own premium commercial ice machines all over High Point, NC at an unequalled value. We deal with anything and everything for just a low fee every month. No headaches. It’s easy.