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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
Businesses in Huntington can now have all-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice.  The fastest growing trend in the ice making industry!

Huntington businesses need ice machines.  Hotels, restaurants, schools, health clubs, hospitals, extended care facilities, rail stations, and airports all need ice machines.  The problem is that buying or leasing ice machines is expensive and filled with hassle!  Subscription ice machines are a more affordable and convenient option for businesses.

With a subscription even construction and landscaping businesses can have ice machines at their locations.  Qualifying businesses receive subscriptions on a monthly contract giving your business in Huntington flexibility and options.  All subscriptions have fixed monthly fees so you always know how much you are going to spend on ice.

Subscribe and receive 600lbs of ice a day for only $135 a month.  It’s the preferred solution for thousands of businesses!

When you begin a subscription the only added cost is a nominal setup fee to receive the ice machine.  Otherwise all your costs are covered.  No maintenance fees, repair bills, or paying for bagged ice during break downs.  If you buy or lease an ice machine you are left paying all these bills.

That’s right!  Easy Ice subscriptions cover everything you need to have clean and reliable ice each and every day.  We pay for bi-annual deep cleanings on your machine along with two standard water filter changes.

If your ice machine ever breaks no problem!  Call our US based call center and we will have a technician out within 48 hours to look at your problem.  If they can’t be out that same day we will pay for Breakdown Ice so your bins never go empty.

How can we offer this all-inclusive subscription service to businesses at such a low price?  We only use top of the line Hoshizaki ice machines.  These machines are the best in the industry and are manufactured here in the United States.  If Easy Ice can trust owning 1000’s of these machines you can trust having one in your business!

Are you looking to lease because you’re not sure how big of an ice machine you will need in the future?  Leasing leaves you in a long term contract…  Subscriptions don’t.  And our subscription includes a simple equipment trade up program that lets your ice machine grow with your business!

Whether your business is in Huntington, Westmoreland, East Pea Ridge, Cannonsburg, or Ashland call us today.  When you call Easy Ice you will receive a free estimate and onsite survey so you know exactly how little you could be spending on ice each month.

Don’t leave your profits susceptible to daunting repair bills for an old ice machine. Call today, you’ll be happy you did!

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