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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
The most affordable commercial ice machine solution is now available in Kearney.  Subscriptions are the fastest growing ice solution in the country!

Businesses in Kearney need ice machines to be successful.  Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, extended care facilities, health clubs, and golf courses all need ice makers.  However, these are not the only industries that depend on ice.  Many contractors and landscaping businesses buy ice on a regular basis.  Traditionally these businesses had only one viable solution.  Send employees to pick up ice each and every day before they head out to the job site…  This poses two problems.  It’s expensive, and its time consuming!

Regardless of what industry you’re in your probably paying too much for your ice.  Easy Ice has a solution that makes sense for all businesses.  It’s called a subscription.  For a low fixed monthly rate your business receives a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine with an all-inclusive service package.

Subscriptions start at just $4 a day for 600lbs of daily ice making capacity!  All inclusive and affordable!

Until Easy Ice came along businesses had two main options if they wanted a commercial ice machine.  They could buy an ice machine, or they could lease one.

Buying an ice machine meant that the business would have to spend $1000’s in valuable capital.  This capital could have been spent hiring new employees, advertising, or getting better equipment related to your trade.  Leasing isn’t any better because it leaves businesses signing onto extended contracts.

Both options leave you paying for all repairs and buying bagged ice to fill your bins when the ice machine breaks.

A subscription solves these issues.  It’s all-inclusive.  This means that in the monthly subscription payment all repairs are covered.  To Easy Ice repair means both parts and labor.  If your ice maker does break down we have a free Breakdown Ice policy.  We ensure that your business never has to pay an extra penny for a cube of ice.

Included in the subscription is bi-annual preventative maintenance cleanings.  Since we are left paying for any repair bills on your ice machine we don’t want it to break down.  Twice a year we have a service technician go through the ice maker and clean it thoroughly.  We also pay for two standard water filter changes which are installed during the cleanings.

Even better, qualified customers only sign onto a monthly contract with NO cancelation fees.  This gives businesses in Kearney flexibility that is important to owners.

So whether your business is in Kearney, Gibbon, Elm Creek, Holdrege, Wood River, or Minden you need an affordable ice solution.  Easy Ice subscriptions are the preferred option for thousands of businesses around the country.  Call today and learn why Easy Ice customers are so satisfied with our subscriptions.  When you call you will receive a free estimate and onsite survey.

This isn’t rocket science, its ice! You shouldn’t be paying more for it than you have to. Call us today and start saving!

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