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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Killeen!

Could it be time to exchange your commercial ice machines in Killeen? If you are, you certainly owe it to yourself to consider Easy Ice’s services.

Easy Ice has the number one, all inclusive service to receive monthly subscriptions for the commercial ice machines around Killeen. Our comprehensive subscription plan contains transport, delivery & set-up. We will in addition , mount & look after h2o filters just for your organization’s ice makers. That is something the vast majority of firms cannot feature. Moreover, with just about all full-service rental arrangements they seem to just appear whenever you call these folks with problems. Definitely not with Easy Ice. We maintain your business’ maker in the tip top performing condition by undertaking preventative maintenance plus cleanings on two occasions a yr. And any time your establishment’s machine really does experience a issue, our company will cover all of the parts & repair(s) for never any extra expense. If in case we can’t repair your company’s commercial ice machines inside of three — 6 hr., we are going to give you f-r-e-e packaged ice right to y0ur doorstep. And Easy Ice plans to carry on the f-r-e-e deliveries till your organization’s ice makers are fixed.

Subscriptions are the preferred ice maker solution for thousands of businesses nationwide!

Also, Easy Ice’s month-to-month subscriptions get started for just $ 129 / month for anywhere up to six hundred lbs. of ice a day. We use new Hoshizaki commercial ice machines in all sizes. We will in addition offer ice bins & ice dispenser to fulfill your location’s every demand.

At Easy Ice everyone is dedicated to outstanding client support! Consequently our company’s plan has been designed to end lots of the head-aches you currently experience with your institution’s commercial ice machines. At Easy Ice we offer a 24-hr/day, 365-days/year Call center in order to support your enterprise. And it’s based right here within the US

Do away with the headaches from your location’s commercial ice machines! Change over to the best program around Killeen, TX!

Don’t spend another penny on expensive bagged ice bills during a breakdown!

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