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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions in La Grange!

When you want ice-cubes just for your company, you will want Easy Ice. We continue to be the sole nationwide source of month to month subscriptions available for commercial ice makers found in La Grange. We are going to furnish you with the exact ice makers you need, right from two hundred fifty — 1900 pounds each 24 hours. Provided in this subscription is transport, installation, h2o filters, semi-annual cleaning along with preventive routine maintenance, plus all of the repairs plus backup ice if your company unit fails. Month-to-month subscriptions start for only just $129 / month to have anywhere up to six hundred lbs. of ice every day. We likewise supply bins, hotel and resort ice dispensers as well as ice and water dispensers.

We get any headaches out of your ice supply! We supply just the best – Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, bins together with dispensers. In addition we’ll take great care of the equipment for your business. We have your own local, knowledgeable staff to extend to you first-class services for maintenance, repairs and also back-up ice meant for your commercial ice makers found in La Grange. Due to the fact that we address every little thing, you never ever need to be bothered concerning obtaining reputable repair service or paying for after-hour up charges. In addition you can easily get in touch with us twenty four hrs./day, three hundred sixty five days a year. Our own US based call center is always here any time you call for us.

No more hassle, subscriptions start at just $135 a month!

Think, no more giant checks to draft every time you demand new commercial ice makers. Not to mention no risk you bought the “right” maker. That’s because in cases where your business requirements change, we can easily exchange your unit now with a larger or else lesser model. But also we will not wrap you up because of long term agreements. The fact is that, you could end your month to month subscription with only thirty days notice. You won’t be buying a unit; you’re choosing a GUARANTEED ice supply for your personal business in La Grange, GA.

To find greater information about this zero stress ice program, take a look at our home page. Or else better yet, reach us today at 866-easyice (327-9423).

You deserve to know how much ice will cost you every month, with Easy Ice you do!

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