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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
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Does your Lafayette company depend on a commercial ice machine?  Are you fed up with all the unpredictable expenses?  Are repair bills getting you down?  Just because your Lafayette business needs ice doesn’t mean you need to own the ice machine!

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine see’s ice machine issues all the time on his hit show Restaurant:Impossible.  His advice:  Don’t buy a commercial ice machine!

Buying a commercial ice maker means money out of your pocket.  Not just for the purchase price but unpredictable expenses year after year.  Maintenance costs money.  Ice machine repairs are expensive.  And if you have to buy bagged ice while you wait for the ice machine to be repaired you could spend hundreds of dollars every day!

Doesn’t it make more sense to give someone else the financial responsibility of the ice machine?  That’s exactly what a subscription does!

We take the financial risk to buy the ice machine and then we fully maintain it. Fixed prices and no hidden fees!

Supplying your guests and employees in Lafayette with ice has never been simpler!  We do an thorough onsite inspection before we deliver the ice machine to make sure you get the right size and type.  We then deliver and install the Hoshizaki ice machine for you.  We’ve found Hoshizaki to be the best manufacturer of commercial ice makers.  They are long-lasting, energy efficient and made right here in the U.S.  We’ve literally bought thousands of Hoshizaki ice machines for our customers across the country and we trust them.

Every 6 months we send a technician to your site to inspect and clean the ice maker.  At this time we diagnose any potential problems and replace the water filters.  Preventive maintenance visits and standard water filter replacements are 100% covered in your low subscription price!

Even with the best maintenance, sometimes ice machines will break down.  No worries if you have an Easy Ice subscription!  Repairs — parts and labor — are fully covered.  We’ll even provide you with Breakdown Ice if our technicians can’t repair the issue quickly.  No hassle, no extra costs!

Easy Ice subscriptions are available across the country, throughout Louisiana and in Lafayette.  We cover major metro areas like New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and smaller towns like Eunice, Baker, Zachary, Morgan City, Thibodaux and Lake Charles.


Your business has enough risks without ice machines being one of them. Call today to start your affordable, stress-free subscription today!

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