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The most affordable all-inclusive ice machine solution is now available in Lansing

Does your business in Lansing require a constant supply of clean ice?  Are you tired of dealing with an old broken down ice machine? Are repair bills adding up to more than you originally spent buying your ice machine?  Until Easy Ice began servicing the Lansing area your business could only buy or lease.

What’s wrong with buying or leasing?  As a business owner or manager you need to focus all your time and resources to whatever trade you’re in.  That means giving the best customer service, making the best possible food, creating an inviting environment for guests, or keeping your software and computers up to date.

All of these things take up your time, and capital.  But that’s business.  By focusing on the important things you can increase your customer base, provide better service, and increase your revenue and profits.

The problem with ice machines is that for most businesses there is no way to use ice as a way to get more customers.  It’s just something your expected to have.

If you knew a restaurant didn’t have an ice machine would you go there?  In our culture that answer would be NO!  So why use up all your capital buying an expensive ice machine or signing onto extended contracts for leases.  Plus you end up paying all the repair and maintenance bills when the ice machine breaks down.  Very expensive!  Very frustrating!  And very time consuming!

Subscriptions give your business ice for as little as $4 a day.  No repair bills!  No maintenance bills!  Just Ice!

Subscriptions allow business owners and managers to focus on their business.  More importantly we allow you to budget exactly how much ice will cost you ever month.  For one low fixed monthly price your business in Lansing can receive a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine from Easy Ice.

Included in the subscription is 24/7 customer service.  Just call in if your ice machine breaks down and we will have service out to repair your ice machine within 48 hours.  We pay all the labor and parts bills.  If they can’t be there on the same day we will pay for Breakdown Ice.

To keep your ice maker from breaking down we pay for bi-annual preventative maintenance.  These cleanings include standard water filter changes.

All types of businesses need ice machines.  Restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, athletic facilities, hockey rinks, hospitals, and extended care facilities need ice machines.  Our subscription service makes ice machines practical and affordable for businesses that have never had an ice maker in the past.

Businesses located in Lansing, Okemos, Williamston, Mason, Jackson, Marshall, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Flint, or Ann Arbor need to call Easy Ice.  When you call you will receive a free estimate and onsite survey.

Don’t let your profits melt at the mercy of expensive ice machine repair bills. Call us today. You’ll be happy you did!

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