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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions are in Lebanon!

Here is Easy Ice, Lebanon’s supplier to get the best commercial ice machines plus commercial ice dispensers to be found in Lebanon. Let us serve your corporation with a dependable supply of on-site ice that’s:

•Capital Free – without having long-term legal contracts to put your signature on

•Maintenance Free — our staff members deal with any service, plus repairs

•Worry F-r-e-e — We guarantee your ice supply

•Risk Free: Structured based on your organization requirements

•Delivered with Outstanding Customer Care

Capital F-r-e-e without a Long term Written agreement!

Easy Ice is the 1st not to mention sole nationwide vendor for month-to-month subscriptions for commercial ice machines here in Lebanon. Even though our country-wide access generates great prices to you, the company’s Lebanon office furnishes your organization best-in-class customer service. The Easy Ice subscription plan’s the newest, best approach – versus – purchasing or alternatively renting. An Easy Ice subscription consists of:

•Ice machines

•Ice bins and/or ice dispensers

•Water filtration systems

Easy Ice will provide all this just for a preset bill every month based upon the particular ice amount that’s needed for your business organization: starting as low as One-twenty-nine per month. You don’t have any upfront capital or long-term legally binding contract. The new subscription featuring Easy Ice is predictable, adaptable but also worry f-r-e-e.

Subscriptions are no hassle, no risk, and all-inclusive!

Maintenance F-r-e-e!

We bear total functional responsibility with regards to your Lebanon commercial ice machines, ice dispensers along with ice bins – all available at zero supplementary charges to your account. We’re going to take over:


•Preventive care

•Water filter changes

•Repairs, and this includes components and labor

•Back-up ice if your machine ever breaks down

Eradicate the big surprise repair service overheads and weekend surcharges. Get rid of long-drawn-out warranty documents to fill out. In its place, your company will profit from our Lebanon neighboring office. We can even get rid of the older ice making systems and accessories at no supplemental charges for you. All that’s necessary to provide is water supply, source of electricity and additionally space for all equipment. Any kind of Easy Ice subscription is very much Trouble Free!

Guaranteed Ice Supply!

You will possess the ultimate serenity when you use an Easy Ice subscription. If you ever notify us relating to repair or service on 1 of the company’s Lebanon commercial ice machines, our guarantee for you will be to have ice back in your company’s ice bin within three to six hours of your contact. If a machine is just not repairable within that time-frame, we are going to deliver ice to your business at no supplemental fees. Also, we are going to continue to generate this unique delivery service until your company commercial ice machines are back to peak operation. This is exactly what Lebanon businesses and organizations can expect from this popular Easy Ice guarantee. We all take operational problems off of your shoulders.

Risk Free!

The new month-to-month subscription for Easy Ice is truly Flexible as well as Risk F-r-e-e!

•If your organization specifications alter, we’re able to raise and also reduce your ice capacity. We can re-install bigger or even smaller commercial ice machines and ice dispensers one time per year. You can expect 100 % flexibility to satisfy all the changing needs of the companies operating in Lebanon.

•There are no long term user agreements in support of our subscriptions. In actual fact, you could potentially end the subscription with only 30-days notification. Try us; you’ve got nothing to lose.

Each subscription Easy Ice is like obtaining gas or even electrical power from your neighboring Lebanon utility. Getting your commercial ice machines and dispensers provided by us is simply predictable, dependable as well as worry f-r-e-e , yet a great deal more adaptable.

The Ice Equipment You Want!

We supply Hoshizaki commercial ice machines in Lebanon which range in size starting from two hundred and fifty up through one-thousand-nine-hundred pounds per day. Our machines are utilized with ice bins, fountain dispensers, motel ice dispensers and also ice/water dispensers. Easy Ice additionally has ice machines which contain built-in bins, which will fit perfectly under your bar as well as counter.

•We feature the Hoshizaki commercial ice dispensers in addition to the ice bins in Lebanon to fit your needs. Subscriptions are readily available for bins ranging in size from 3 hundred all the way up through 9 hundred lbs. And if you’d like ice dispensers, we’ve got some of those as well.

oResort ice dispensers

oIce & water dispensers (used in break rooms, waiting rooms and offices)

Industry-Leading Customer Support!

Our commitment to best in class customer care is apparent when it comes to all our staff members perform. Our own 24-hours-per-day, 365 days/year U.S.-based Call Center will be here when you need us — especially after hours, in addition, on weekends and holidays. We will also provide your peak demand ice needs for your special functions at fair market prices. We are currently a call away from you at 866-easyice.

Our organization guarantees your trustworthy ice supply using our top of the line commercial ice machines within Lebanon, MO at a hard to beat price. We manage anything and everything just for a low monthly fee. No headaches. It’s easy.

Don’t spend another dime on expensive repair bills. Let Easy ice cover the tab for you!

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