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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Lima!

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Easy Ice is undoubtedly the most recent, very best thing hitting the commercial ice makers marketplace throughout Lima. This program is really similar to your satellite dish and cable tv subscription. With them, you only pay for the amount of channels you will order. Here, you pay for only the quantity of the ice supply you will require each twenty-four hours. And with both the arrangements, you will have no upkeep & / or repair payments.

You won’t ever need to be bothered that you secured just the right sized commercial ice makers ever again. Merely because by using a monthly subscription provided by Easy Ice you’re able to step up or down size your ice maker capacity once a year. And that saves your business money. In the past, when your company expanded you needed to acquire another 2nd or 3rd ice maker. The usual US energy price for a nine-hundred lb ice maker is normally $1,160 on an annual basis. Insert the second maker and your power price tag rises to $2,320. Or alternatively with Easy Ice you will change it out with the nineteen hundred lb. commercial ice maker and then you will get more than 2 times more ice for typically $1,725 of utility expense per calendar year. So you see, the larger sized the commercial ice maker, the better power efficient it will be. Easy Ice can easily assist in improving your company’s profitability. And that is only just 1 of the rewards associated with the Easy Ice subscription program!

No Hassle. No Risk. Just Ice! Subscriptions start at just $4 a day!

Guaranteed Ice Supplies!

Benefit from all of the ice that you need for 1 reasonable month-to-month charge. Starting at only $1-2-5 per 30 days you may have up to six hundred lbs . of ice per twenty four hours. Available for this low rate you get shipping and delivery, set up, water filtration systems, cleaning and preventive maintenance, in addition to any and all repairs. And also in the event one of the commercial ice makers goes down, we’re going to give you no cost back up ice directly to your bin!

For additional information on the subject of Easy Ice’s monthly subscriptions for commercial ice makers along with our guaranteed ice supply throughout Lima, OH head over to Easy Ice’s homepage.

Subscriptions are the fastest growing ice solution in the country! Call today, you’ll be happy you did!

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