Lubbock companies that depend on ice need an ice machine subscription from Easy Ice! No Capital. No Hassle. Just Ice!

Does your company in Lubbock depend on a supply of ice? Are you considering buying a commercial ice machine? Maybe you think leasing an ice maker might be a good idea?  Subscriptions are better than buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Lubbock!

An ice machine subscription is the only end-to-end, comprehensive solution for companies that rely on ice.  The founders of Easy Ice created the subscription model for commercial ice makers and we offer our service nationwide. We serve customers throughout Texas and in Lubbock.

For a low monthly price you get everything to guarantee you always have ice in your bin!  We take the financial risk of buying the ice machines so you don’t have to take the capital risk.  We buy Hoshizaki ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers for our customers. And then fully maintain them.  All for a reasonable, fixed price.

Ice machine subscriptions save time, money and stress. Subscriptions cover absolutely everything to guarantee your Lubbock business never runs our of ice!

Fixed pricing is one of the many reasons customers love our ice machine subscriptions!  Even if we raise our base prices next year, your monthly fee stays the same as long as you have our ice machine on site.  If you buy a commercial ice maker, you’ll never know what your costs will be for ice from month to month.  Commercial ice machines in Lubbock are unpredictable and prone to breakdowns.  If you own, you’re responsible for all the costly repairs, cleanings, water filters and replacement ice.  Running your Lubbock business is risky enough with adding the risk of ice machine ownership!

Companies across industries in Lubbock need ice machines on site.  Restaurants and hotels need ice machines.  So do schools, churches, hospitals, golf courses, convenience stores, contractors and landscapers.

We have a US-based Customer Service team that’s available 24/7, every day of the year.  Ice machine giving you problems at midnight?  No problem!  Just give us a call and we’ll have a technician out the next day.  And, if we can’t repair the ice maker quickly, we provide you with Breakdown Ice!

We serve companies in Lubbock and throughout Texas.  We’ve placed ice machines into businesses in Big Spring, Hobbs, Midland, Sweetwater, Canyon and, of course, Lubbock.