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Need a commercial ice machine in Modesto? The smartest choice is a subscription!

For Modesto companies that depend on ice, subscriptions to ice machines is a better alternative to buying, leasing or renting.  Have you owned a commercial ice maker?  If so, you understand the costs and stress due to unpredictable breakdowns.  Industrial ice machines are expensive to buy. Maintenance and repairs will drain hundreds of dollars (or more) from your profits every year.  Why take on that financial burden when you don’t have to?

Thousands of businesses across the U.S., California and the Modesto area are finding ice machine subscriptions to be a better choice.  What makes subscriptions better?  How do subscriptions differ from typical ice machine leases in Modesto?  Subscriptions are all-inclusive and affordable.  No hidden fees!

For just a few dollars a day, your Modesto company will have an uninterrupted supply of clean, safe ice!

We supply our customers with the best ice making equipment and service.  Our subscribers receive Hoshizaki ice machines.  Easy Ice has purchased thousands of ice machines from Hoshizaki and it’s the brand we trust.  Hoshizaki commercial ice makers are durable, reliable and energy-efficient.  Industry powerhouses like Ecolab and Reddy Ice help us with service and sanitation.

Leasing an ice machine in Modesto means tying your business into a long-term commitment.  Subscriptions, however, are month-to-month for qualified customers.  And qualified subscribers can cancel at anytime without penalty.  You won’t find these terms with an ice machine lease in Modesto!

In addition to the Hoshizaki ice machine, subscribers receive free preventive maintenance and repairs.  Twice a year, we’ll send technicians to your Modesto business to inspect and deep-clean the ice machine.  During these visits, we replace the water filters too.  Standard water filters are included in low monthly subscription fee!

What if something goes wrong with the ice machine and we can’t fix it quickly?  No worries!  Free Breakdown Ice is included.  Ice in your ice bin is our guarantee!

Bottom line, ice machine subscriptions simplify your business.  You need to spend time and money where you can make a profit….not on ice machine issues!  With a commercial ice machine subscription, your Modesto company will enjoy a hassle-free, seamless supply of ice.  Simple!

Easy Ice has service throughout the Modesto area including Stockton, Lodi, Tracy, Livermore, Pleasanton and Sacramento.



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