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Are you a business owner in Morgantown in need of a new ice machine? You’re probably considering buying a new ice machine and become frustrated with the cost, maintenance, and patience that requires. But have you ever thought about an ice machine subscription? Compare our subscriptions to buying or leasing ice machines in Morgantown.

Most commercial ice maker leases often include long-term contracts, cancellation fees, and many other unexpected surprises. An Easy Ice subscription is a reliable, all-inclusive and affordable way to ensure guaranteed ice flow to your Morgantown business. Qualified subscribers pay month-to-month with no penalty fees for cancellation!

Our all-inclusive commercial ice maker offering is more affordable than buying and more flexible than leasing.

No Stress, No sweat. Just cold Ice! All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions start at $135 a month for an ice mahcine that produces 600 lbs. of ice per day!

Our subscriptions for commercial ice machines will provide your Morgantown Business with Hoshizaki equipment (made in the U.S.A). equipment includes durable ice dispensers and bins. Hoshizaki offers a wide variety of ice machines and ice makers that meet the EnergyStar standard.

With your subscription to Easy Ice we accommodate the time and patience an ice machine requires. Our team of experts (including our partners Ecolab and Reddy Ice) are motivated to keep ice machines performing well. Subscriptions include biannual preventative maintenance and cleanings. We even change the water filters! With our subscriptions, standard water filter replacements are free!

Our low fixed monthly fee will also provide your Morgantown business with replacement ice. If the ice maker needs repair and we can’t repair it quickly, your subscription includes Breakdown Ice! Breakdown Ice is another no stress, no sweat cost-saving benefit of our commercial ice machine subscription.

Easy Ice carries commercial ice maker models ideal for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores, and corporate facilities. All of these businesses depend on a steady flow of ice for their employees and customers.

Morgantown has an abundance of food services, hotels, and corporate facilities. These companies need at least one ice machine on site. And hospitals, nursing homes and physical therapy clinics need ice for health and food service. These places cannot be without ice!

Easy Ice is a national company offering subscriptions throughout 48 states. If you need a commercial ice machine anywhere in the state of West Virginia, call us! We cover all the cities surrounding Morgantown, including Westover, Uffington, Brookhaven, Evansdale, Star City, and Granville.

Your Morgantown business, regardless of your industry, needs ice. Easy Ice has a team of industry professionals ready to assist you throughout the decision making process. We will help you review how the equipment will work for you and your particular location.


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