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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions available locally in Newark.  No Capital.  No Risk.  Just ICE!

Does your business in Newark rely on consistent affordable ice?  Do you need to replace your current ice maker?  Find yourself constantly calling the repair service to fix a nagging problem costing you hundreds of dollars each year?  Well Easy Ice has a solution for all these problems.

Quit throwing your money away and know how much you will spend on ice each month.  With an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription we can guarantee your ice machine will cost you the same each and every month.  We offer Newark businesses, and businesses all around the country ice makers at one low monthly price.  Subscriptions are based on a monthly contract that allows you to be flexible and not be penalized if you no longer need an ice machine.  Qualified customers pay monthly with No Lease!

We use Hoshizaki ice machines that are the best in the industry.  Our subscriptions provide two complementary cleanings each year that include standard filter changes and full inspections of the machine.  This way you know your ice machine is being cared for.  With Easy Ice your business will always have the cleanest and highest quality ice.

Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions are hassle-free and affordable!  Better than owning or leasing ice machines in Newark!

Heading to the workplace in the morning to find that your ice machine stopped working is a nightmare.  Having no ice for the day is definitely a problem.  If you owned your own machine or leased an ice maker you would have to find a service technician.  Then you would schedule a time for them to repair the machine which can take two to five days.  Finally you would purchase ice each day until your machine was fixed and running properly.  Every business owner in Newark who has owned an ice machine is sure to have had this problem.  They will tell you it’s expensive and no fun.

Your business has enough risks, ice machines shouldn’t be one of them!

That’s why Easy Ice takes the guess work out of making ice and covers all machine related repairs.  We guarantee that a service technician will be out to your Newark location within 48 hours.  We will even provide FREE Breakdown Ice in the case of a break down.  All you need to do is call our 24/7, 365 day a year call center that will always be available to respond to your ice related needs.

Whether you’re a restaurant, hotel, hospital, convenience store, or health club you need ice.  Easy Ice subscriptions are the preferred solution for 1000’s of businesses around the nation.  If you are in Newark, Brookside, Stanton, Newport, Pine Creek, or Delaware City and you need a commercial ice machine don’t buy or lease.  Call us today and hear how we can help save you money and provide more security for your business.

Don’t let your profits melt over ice machine upkeep and repairs! Call for a free estimate and on-site inspection for your business.

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