An Easy Ice subscription is the most cost-effective way to get an ice machine for your business in Northbrook.

Automatic Icemakers is now Easy Ice! We’ll continue to offer our customers in Illinois and Wisconsin the superior commercial ice equipment and service we’ve been offering since 1960. Our name might be different, but our people are and products are the same. We’re excited to bring the Easy Ice subscription to business owners in our area. We know you’ll love it.


Your customers in Northbrook expect cold drinks when they walk through your door. Whether they’re on their way to a gold course or one of the village’s many parks, whether they’re kids just out of school for the day or amateur adults headed to the Chicago Curling Club, be ready for them with clean ice. Need a good Northbrook ice machine? You’re in the right place. Easy Ice takes the hassle out of acquiring a commercial ice maker.

For one, low monthly payment, an Easy Ice subscription gives you:

An Easy Ice subscription pairs a leading brand ice machine with the ongoing care it requires for a single price.

Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice makers last longer when appropriately maintained, which is why we cover biannual maintenance in our subscription. We even keep track of service for you, so we’ll call you when it’s time and send out a technician whenever works best for you.

Our technicians will look at your ice machine in Northbrook, ensuring it’s in the best possible shape. They’ll clean the unit and change any standard water filters at no extra cost to you. A dirty ice maker doesn’t work as well as a clean one which is why routine maintenance is essential.

With routine care, technicians are also able to catch problems early on. If one of our technicians ever notices an issue with your commercial ice machine in Northbrook, not only with they work quickly to repair it, but your subscription will cover the costs. Parts and labor are always included.

With an active Easy Ice subscription, you have full access to our team of experts that are only a phone call away. Our phone lines are open 24/7 if you ever have any problems with the ice machine at your Northbrook location. We’ll evaluate the situation and send a technician out as soon as possible. While we complete any repair, we also cover backup ice for your business at no extra charge.

If you want to buy a Northbrook ice machine instead of leasing one, no problem. Easy Ice sells the same Hoshizaki and Manitowoc models that we lease out to our subscription customers. Call our sales team to find out which ice maker is right for your business. They’re happy to help.

Own a Northbrook ice machine already and need a trustworthy service company? Easy Ice is your best option. We go out of our way to provide the best preventive maintenance, cleanings, and repairs for commercial ice makers in your area. Even if you bought your equipment from one of our competitors, we’ll still take care of it as well we do our subscription ice makers.

Easy Ice has changed the way businesses acquire commercial ice machines in Northbrook and the greater Chicago area. We’re proud to make our subscription program available in Northbrook, Glenview, Buffalo Grove, Highland Park, Chicago proper, and beyond. If you’re ready to experience the Easy Ice advantage, contact us today!