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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive subscription ice machines are available in Parsons, Kansas!

You count on clean, healthy ice day after day for your company in Parsons. But, you simply can’t definitely rely upon your organization’s commercial ice makers. Plus they can operate worst the minute you have to have them the greatest: throughout the hot summer time months.

However you can find an option to the hassles with your corporation’s commercial ice makers in Parsons. We will feature your own full–service monthly subscription just for ice makers. For the one single low-cost month-to-month fee we will offer delivery, equipment installation, water filter systems, every 6 month maintenance/service and cleaning, and any repairs.

We Will Guarantee Your Company’s Ice Supply!

Easy Ice is a name one can depend on in Parsons. We’re the one country wide supplier for this valuable solution. Also our company will exclusively work with the best. We will deliver quality Hoshizaki commercial ice makers and we’ll always keep them in the best overall condition. We are partnered with Reddy Ice — the country’s primary packaged ice source. By Reddy Ice or a number of local partners, we provide f-r-e-e back-up ice to your corporation’s doorstep inside of 3 to 6 hours if it turns out your business’ commercial ice makers break. And also our partners maintain authorized specialists to repair/service your machines swiftly.

Hassle-free subscriptions start at only $4 a day!

Easy Ice’s program and prices were created to suit your enterprise’s wants. Countless proprietors undersize their commercial ice makers. This is really easy to do. A ten degree rise from ambient or h2o temp would trim ice making by ten percent. Even more than a ten degree elevation hits throughout the sunny and hot summer time months, in spite of your enterprise’s a / c scheme. And additionally this is complicated from more heat from a kitchen area. Incoming H2O temps go up further than that throughout many areas of our country each summer. To help avoid having clients undersize their maker, we price all the commercial ice makers up to 600 lb/day for this identical price. Hence even assuming you will only really need 300 lbs/day, you can easily now have this additional cushion with a bigger ice maker for the same highly affordable month to month subscription price.

It’s really as easy as a single phone call to get started! Discover more about our company’s plan for the commercial ice makers located in Parsons, KS right away.

Subscriptions are the preferred ice solution for thousands of businesses across the nation!

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