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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
All-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Prescott, AZ!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are the fastest growing ice solution in Prescott.  Thousands of businesses across the country, in Arizona and in Prescott are switching to Easy Ice subscription ice makers.  Why?  Because we take all the hassle and variable expenses for you.

With an Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscription you will never have to pay an unexpected bagged ice or repair bill again!

Have you ever had a bad ice machine breakdown at your business in Prescott?  It’s amazing how fast the costs add up.  But that can only happen when you buy or lease ice machines.

When you buy or lease an ice machine and it breaks down you have to call the repair service.  Normally this takes 3 to 5 days before service can be at your location to look at the ice machine.  If you need a special part ordered you could be without ice for another 2 to 4 days.  Your repair bill will probably cost between $400 and $500.

But you don’t just shut your Prescott business down when your ice maker goes down, you need to buy bagged ice.  If you use a lot of ice you will need it delivered every day.  900lbs of ice at $.30 to $.35 a pound will cost you around $300 a day.  Ice for 7 days you would leave you with a $2100 bill, plus the $300 to $400 in repair.  That is outrageous, but the unfortunately when your buy or lease an ice machine it’s a reality!  Doesn’t your Prescott company deserve an easier solution to your ice needs?

Ice for only $135 a month with no hidden costs or added expenses.  Guaranteed!

All business owners and managers understand how expensive breakdowns can be.  That’s why they are so reluctant to subscribe through Easy Ice!

Anytime your ice machine breaks down you just call Easy Ice and we take care of bill.  We will have a technician out the same day, or within 48 hours.  If your ice maker isn’t producing ice we will pay for Breakdown Ice!

To prevent breakdowns we schedule and pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance.  This maintenance includes the replacement of your standard water filter.

In order to provide the best service we partnered with Ecolab and Reddy Ice.  This way we can give the same consistent support and Breakdown Ice service in Prescott and in every major city in the United States!  No other company can do that for you.

With the best service and the best technicians we needed the best equipment.  Easy Ice owns thousands of Hoshizaki ice machines that are in use at thousands of businesses nationwide and in Prescott!

Many businesses in Prescott need reliable ice.  Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, convenience stores, schools, even landscape and construction in Prescott companies need ice.  Easy Ice makes it affordable for all companies to have an ice machine.  Call us today if you’re in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Cottonwood, Mayer, Crown King, Black Canyon City, Camp Verde, or Lake Montezuma!

It’s really as simple as only one phone call to get started!  Call today to start your hassle-free ice machine subscription in Prescott!

You deserve to know how much ice will cost each month. Subscriptions are the only service that guarantees this!

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