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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
If you need a commercial ice machine in Rockford, subscriptions are your best option.  All-inclusive, low cost and dependable!

Rockford companies depend on ice machines.  You need ice for your guests and employees.  Whether you manage a restaurant, hotel, corporate facility, convenience store or golf course in Rockford, you depend on ice.

Frozen water shouldn’t be a concern of busy manager or owner.  But if you buy a commercial ice machine, it’ll keep you busy with maintenance and repairs.  Your time and money are worth too much to fuss about ice.

Ice machine subscriptions are all-inclusive and hassle-free!  We’re the only company to offer affordable subscriptions for ice makers on a national level.  We save customers time, money and stress through our ice machine subscriptions.  We have service all over Illinois, including Rockford.

Let us provide you with the best commercial ice machine you’ll Never own!

Ice is one of those commodities that you don’t gain business from, but if you don’t have it, you’ll lose profits.  Why would you want to spend your time and money on something you can’t make money on?

Easy Ice understands the hassles and costs associated with buying a commercial ice machine.  With our subscriptions, you can rest assured knowing you’ll always have ice in the bin.  We buy the ice machines for our customers and take care of all maintenance and repairs for you.  Subscriptions are affordable and billed monthly.  Qualified customers are not required to sign a term lease!  Subscriptions are more flexible and inclusive than ice machine leases.

Our technicians perform preventive maintenance on the ice machines every 6 months.  We clean the ice makers and replace water filters.  Standard water filters are always complimentary with our subscriptions!

We take care of the ice machines, but even the best maintained ice makers can break down.  If you owned an ice machine, you’d have to buy bagged ice until you could get the machine repaired.  And you’d have to pay for those repairs (costly!).  Subscriptions guarantee you always have ice in the bin.  If we can’t repair the ice machine in a timely way, our customers receive Breakdown Ice.  Never pay for ice machine repairs or bagged replacement ice again!

Don’t let your Rockford business loss profits or productivity because of an ice machine!  Subscriptions are the simplest and most practical way to provide your Rockford company with ice.  We have service in Rockford and in nearby cities like Quincy, Jacksonville, Alton and Godfrey.

Let us make running your business easier. Call today and start saving time, hassles and money with your Easy Ice subscription!

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