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Subscriptions are the best choice for Springfield companies that depend on ice!  No capital!  No risk!

Does your company in Springfield depend on ice?  Can you depend on your commercial ice maker?

Until recently, Springfield businesses only had the choices of buying or leasing ice machines.  Neither of these options are ideal.  That’s why Easy Ice developed a subscription model for commercial ice makers.  More cost-effective than buying an ice machine.  More flexible than leasing.

Smart business managers in Springfield (and across the U.S.) are choosing ice machine subscriptions over leasing or buying!

Subscriptions are simply the practical choice!  Easy Ice customers enjoy a guaranteed supply of ice for an affordable price.  For a one-time, small setup fee, we deliver and install the right commercial ice machine for your business.  We spend time with our customers to understand their ice needs and we work hard to meet those needs everyday.

Ice machine subscriptions take the stress, costs and hassles out of making frozen water!  Subscriptions include all routine maintenance, repairs, standard water filters, ice maker cleanings, Breakdown Ice and more.

Commercial ice makers are frustrating pieces of equipment.  With a lot of moving parts, water and cooling system, ice makers need to be maintained well to perform.  Maintenance and repairs are critical for the health of ice machines and the ice they produce.

Subscriptions begin with getting our customers state of the art ice machines from Hoshizaki.  Hoshizaki ice makers, ice bins and ice dispensers are energy-efficient and reliable.  Plus, Hoshizaki manufactures their ice machines in the United States.

Easy Ice technicians perform preventive maintenance on the ice machines every six months.  We preschedule these appointments, saving our customers time and hassle.  All maintenance on the ice machines is FREE with Easy Ice subscription!

Even with our excellent maintenance program, ice machines go down periodically.  Subscriptions fully cover repairs too.  Parts and labor are included.  If you notice the ice machine isn’t producing ice as it should, customers simply call our customer support hotline.

Our customer care team is available every hour of every day of the year.  Notice a problem at 2am?  No problem!  Customers can call us anytime to report an issue and we take care of the rest.  We’ll arrange for a technician to come to your site for repairs.  And, if we can’t repair the ice maker quickly, customers receive Breakdown Ice!

Springfield companies can rest easy with ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice!

What are you waiting for? Call today to save time, money and stress with our ice machine subscriptions!

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