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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
Subscriptions are the best option for companies that need commercial ice machines in Stamford.  No capital!  No risk!

Do you have a commercial ice machine in your Stamford business?  If you own it, are you tired of the unpredictable repair bills? Frustrated having to buy bagged ice?  You can say goodbye to those frustrations forever!  Ice machine subscriptions are now available in Stamford.

When you need ice, you need ice.  You don’t have time to look for a repair person or send an employee out to buy bagged ice.  Easy Ice has developed the simplest and most cost-effective method that guarantees you always have ice when you need it: Subscriptions.

Subscriptions offer the only all-inclusive program for ice machines.  And Easy Ice is the only company that has ice machine subscriptions on a national scale.  We’ve place thousands of commercial ice makers in companies all over the country and in Stamford.

All-inclusive, dependable, affordable and stress-free!  Your business has enough risks — ice machines should be one of them!

When you buy a commercial ice machine you’re responsible for the ongoing costs of maintenance and repairs.  Why spend thousands of dollars in capital on an ice maker when Easy Ice will do it for you?

We buy the ice machines for our customers and we take full responsibility for their care.  Subscriptions cover all preventive maintenance and all repairs.  We take care of deep cleanings to the ice machine and replace water filters.  All included!

If a repair issue is reported and our technicians can’t repair the ice maker quickly, we provide customers with Breakdown Ice.  Just because the ice machine has broken down doesn’t mean you still don’t need ice.  Easy Ice subscriptions guarantee ice in your bin!

Better than leasing ice makers, our subscriptions carry no term lease for qualified customers.  They can even cancel their subscriptions with only 30 days notice — no penalty.  Subscriptions are simply more flexible than standard term leases!

Our flexibility extends to equipment size.  You shouldn’t be penalized if your business outgrows the ice machine.  For a one-time nominal charge, we’ll upgrade your ice machine to a larger unit.  Your monthly bill simply reflects the new pricing tier for the new model ice machine.  Simple!

Smart managers are finding Easy Ice subscriptions to be a better choice than buying or leasing a commercial ice machine.

We offer subscriptions up and down the East Coast.  If you need an ice machine in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, Westport or Norfolk, subscriptions are your ice solution!

This is one decision you don’t want to put on ice! Call us now for an estimate!

Learn Why Ice Machine Subscriptions are the Smartest Decision