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If your business in Sumter depends on ice, you need a dependable commercial ice machine. So, what’s your best option; buying, leasing or subscribing to an ice maker? The answer is easy — subscriptions for commercial ice machines are more predictable and cost-effective than buying or leasing!

Purchasing an ice machine for your restaurant, hotel, golf course, school (or any business) requires a large outlay of cash. And if you need to finance the ice maker, tack on interest. Buying a commercial ice machine for your Sumter company or organization is not best use of capital. Especially since with an Easy Ice subscription we’ll buy the ice machine for you! And we maintain and repair the ice machine. All for a low, predictable monthly cost!

Ice machines need specialized maintenance, sanitation and repairs to run optimally. If you decide to buy a commercial ice machine in Sumter, you’re responsible for the costs of maintenance, sanitation and repairs. Plus the cost of water filters and bagged ice when the ice machine is down. Why take on years of unpredictable expenses?

For just a few dollars a day, your Sumter company will have a top of the line commercial ice maker on site and it’s fully maintained for you. No hidden or extra costs!

The Easy Ice subscription program works like this: our team of professionals will help you select the best size and type ice maker for your Sumter business. We’ll even send a technician out to your place of business for a free site survey and estimate. Once you’ve signed up, a small fee is needed for professional delivery and installation of your Hoshizaki ice machine. From then on, our qualified customers in Sumter simply pay the same low price every month for all-inclusive service. Simple!

Your commercial ice machine subscription includes two preventive maintenance visits per year. During these calls our technician will come to your Sumter location and inspect the ice machine. We also deep clean the ice maker and replace the water filter. Standard water filters (2 per year) are Free!

What if the ice machine isn’t performing as it should? No problem! Simply call our Customer Support hotline (24/7) and we’ll arrange for a technician to come out and repair the ice maker. Repairs — parts and labor — are included with your subscription. And here’s a bonus feature: If we’re unable to repair the ice machine in a timely manner, we’ll provide your Sumter business with Free Breakdown Ice! That’s right. Easy Ice will pay for bagged ice until we can repair the ice machine.

Ice machine subscriptions are smart, simple and stress-free! That’s why more and more businesses across the country and around South Carolina are choosing subscriptions over buying or leasing commercial ice makers.

Our customers include any business or organization that needs a reliable supply of ice. We serve restaurants, convenience stores, government facilities, health clubs, churches, hospitals, contractors and all sorts of small businesses. Our pricing is so affordable, any company that needs ice in Sumter can afford an ice machine subscription!

We proudly serve most areas in South Carolina including Sumter, Columbia, Summerville, Ladson, West Columbia, Florence, Lexington and Lancaster.

You’re just a phone call away from saving money, time and hassles! Call 866-easyice today!

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