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Easy Ice - the last ice machine you'll never own!
Choose the simplest and most affordable commercial ice machine subscription service available in Topeka!

Topeka businesses depend on ice. Regardless of whether you work at a restaurant, hotel, convenience store, hospital, hockey rink, football stadium, or work for a construction/landscape company you use ice.  Finding an affordable hassle-free option hasn’t been easy.

Easy Ice is changing the game for ice makers.  Until now you could only buy or lease ice machines.  Both options leave you spending valuable capital, valuable time, and valuable patience.  Ice machines are a tricky piece of equipment…  They are expensive.  Break down often.  But most importantly (and unfortunately), they are vital to daily operations for most businesses.

Why waste your capital on equipment that doesn’t make you any better than your competition?  Let Easy take the capital burden for you!

An ice machine break down is one of the most frustrating things for any business.  This is true for Topeka businesses, Chicago businesses, or NY businesses.  Easy Ice has fixed this frustration problem for thousands of businesses across the country.  We are the only national provider of ice machine subscriptions!

Here’s how it works!

Qualified businesses sign onto a monthly contract with no cancelation fees.  You pay a nominal setup fee equal to one month’s subscription.  From here on out everything is covered.  Our subscriptions are all-inclusive for one low monthly price.  It’s the same price you will pay in Topeka and anywhere else in the country.

You will never have any hidden fees or added costs!

Since Easy Ice pays all the bills we don’t want your ice machine to break down.  We pay for bi-annual preventative maintenance cleanings.  This way we can keep your ice clean and spot problems before they happen.

Included in the cleanings are standard water filter changes!

No matter how clean you keep an ice machine they will still break down occasionally.  With Easy Ice your Topeka business doesn’t have to deal with the hassle!  Simply call our 24/7 customer support line and we will have a service technician out to repair the issue.  Both parts and labor are included free of charge!

Just because your ice machine is broken doesn’t mean business comes to a halt.  You still need ice!  That’s why we pay for Breakdown Ice to keep your business up and running the way it needs to be.

To have all these guarantees and be able to provide businesses with 600lbs of daily ice making capacity for only $4 a day we need good equipment.  We don’t just buy good equipment, we buy the best!  When you begin a subscription you will receive a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine.

We have service in Topeka, Dover, Burlingame, Lyndon, Ottawa, Baldwin City, Olathe, Holton, Horton, and Manhattan.  It’s the hassle-free option your business has been waiting for!

Don’t let an ice machine take away from running the important part of your business. Subscribe and let Easy Ice handle the hassle!

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