Easy Ice customers are often relieved (sometimes downright excited!) to have discovered the benefits of not owning an ice machine. Our customers are pleasantly surprised when calculating their cost of ice maker.

And to sweeten the deal, you can earn a FREE month of service by referring a new customer to Easy Ice. For every referral who becomes an Easy Ice customer, you earn a free month of service! Isn’t that cool? You’ll soon realize the cost of ice maker is the coolest deal around!

You understand the simplicity of our ice machine subscriptions. Subscriptions save you time, stress and money. Wouldn’t you love to share your hassle-free experience with a friend?

Commercial ice machines are everywhere, so be on the lookout for businesses in your area that could use our help. Of course restaurants, hotels and hospitals use ice machines, but you’ll find ice makers in other places too. Your kid’s school has ice machines. Your church probably has an ice machine. Your health club, local convenience store and favorite music venue need reliable ice machines. Even contractors and landscapers have ice machines on site. Like we said, they are everywhere!

Share your cool experience with our ice machine program and earn cold, hard cash in the form of free months of service!  The process is easy (just like our ice machine subscriptions!). Simply fill out and submit this form.

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We appreciate you being a customer of Easy Ice and look forward to providing the same great service to your referral.

Program Details and Restrictions:

  1. You must have spoken to the Referral candidate and have their permission to provide their contact information to Easy Ice.
  2. You must submit your referral on the Customer Referral Form.
  3. Easy Ice will notify you within 48 business hours to confirm receipt of your referral.
  4. Only businesses with a completely different owner can be considered a referral.
  5. Only one referral credit will be given regardless of the size of the subscription or number of machines acquired by the referral.
  6. A customer can receive multiple free months service by referring multiple new customers.
  7. After the new customer’s equipment is installed, Easy Ice will issue a service credit against your next monthly subscription payment.
  8. Easy Ice retains the right to modify, terminate or in any way alter this incentive program including excluding anyone from participation at any time without notification.