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The last thing your business needs on a hot summer day in Texas is an ice machine breakdown. If you want to make sure your commercial ice maker performs the way it should all year round, call Easy Ice. We proudly provide the highest quality cleanings, maintenance, and repairs for ice machines in the Dallas metro area.

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Trustworthy Ice Machine Service is Here

Putting your commercial ice machine in the wrong hands for service is the same thing as never taking care of it at all. HVAC and refrigeration companies might know their stuff when it comes to other large appliances, but they aren't ice machine experts. Easy Ice technicians only work on commercial ice machines. Trust us with your ice maker maintenance, cleanings, and repairs, and you'll never be disappointed.

Professional Diagnostic Testing

The Key to a Safe, Reliable Ice Supply

Professional preventive maintenance, deep cleanings, and repairs prolong the life of commercial ice makers and support sanitary, consistent ice production.

Easy Ice is the right choice for the job at your Dallas business. Here's how we stand out from our competition:

  • Ice Machine Expertise

    Easy Ice technicians don't work on commercial appliances. We work on ice machines exclusively. Our training and experience make us experts who know how to clean, inspect, and repair commercial ice makers better than any HVAC tech, refrigeration tech, or general contractor ever could.

  • Professional-Grade Deep Cleans of Ice Makers and Bins

    Commercial ice equipment is notorious for accumulating slime, mold, and bacteria when not properly cleaned at the right intervals. We make sure to clean and sanitize your ice equipment inside and out, per manufacturer recommendations. This guarantees an ice supply safe for human consumption.

  • Preventive Maintenance that Works

    We have a reputation for doubling the average lifespan of commercial ice machines we service. We do it with high-quality preventive maintenance. Every time we clean your ice machine, we also change the water filter, check the control box, run a production check, look for leaks, and inspect the evaporator plate. We catch signs of future trouble before they turn into breakdowns.

  • Diagnostic Testing

    Our technicians know how to diagnose even the most frustrating and mysterious ice machine issues. If your ice maker isn't working correctly, we'll figure out why and fix it.

  • Ice Machine Technicians You Can Count On

    We take pride in our fast response times. We know your business can't afford to go without ice for long, so when you call us to report a problem with your ice maker, we'll solve it ASAP. Our Dallas technicians are ready to help whenever you need.

Don't Settle for Less When It Comes to Ice Machine Care

Our technicians are commercial ice machine experts, specializing in Hoshizaki and Manitowoc equipment. We hold them to the gold standard of ice machine cleaning and maintenance, which means you'll get the best service in Dallas for your ice maker every time you make an appointment with us.

Get the Best Commercial Ice Machine Care Today

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