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Get the Best Ice Makers and Service That Saves You Money

comes with a lot of responsibility. The price of an ice machine is a large investment when you factor in the cost of routine preventive maintenance, repairs, and extra ice when your unit is down.

As we designed our subscription model for commercial ice machines, we took all these concerns into account. In the end, we developed the only end-to-end ice solution that takes the hassle out of owning an ice machine.

Hassle-Free Service

Before we deliver your new ice machine, we conduct an on-site survey to guarantee you get the perfect ice maker machine to fit your business's ice needs.

You’ll get two ice machine preventive maintenance visits a year with our subscription. We keep track of when each maintenance visit is due – so you don’t have to.

Ice machine issues are unpredictable, which is why customer service is available to you 24/7. Whether you have an issue during a 1 pm lunch rush or 1 am before doors close, one of our experienced team members is ready to help.

While your machine is down for repairs, you get complimentary Breakdown Ice on us! Your customers and employees will always have extra ice.

Hassle-Free Costs

You get a fixed monthly subscription fee the day you sign up. Even if our monthly rates go up, you pay the same from day one for as long as our machine is on-site.

We include everything from maintenance, cleanings, water filters, to Breakdown Ice in the monthly cost. No invoices, no hidden fees.

Payments are made electronically through your bank account or credit card. No more juggling paper bills!

Hassle-Free Flexibility

If your business grows, so will our ice maker machine! Our ice machine subscriptions come with a yearly upsizing program if your ice needs change year to year.

If you find your business needs more ice to operate, we’ll swap the current ice machine in for a larger model for a small, one-time upsizing fee. We do all the work. Switching to a larger unit couldn't be easier or more cost effective!

Hassle-Free Ice

All these benefits boil down to one simple promise – guaranteed ice for your business for the life of the subscription. Our national footprint allows us to service your business whether you have one location or many across the country.

Let Easy Ice handle your ice machine and enjoy hassle-free ice at an affordable price!


The Only End-to-End Ice Solution in the Country

Don’t go without ice again. Get access to hassle-free, affordable ice for your business today!