Top Hat Ice

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Top Hat Ice

Add Personality to Your Beverage Menu

If you're looking for an easy way to stand out in your local bar scene, do it with top hat ice. Your customers can find square and crescent cubes anywhere--but top hat ice is uncommon, a true specialty cube. This unique ice type will grab your customers' attention and keep their drinks cold without melting too quickly.

Special Ice for Exceptional Drinks

As their name suggests, top hat ice cubes are round with a flared base and resembles a top hat. These cubes are tough to chew and prevents customers from eating the ice, which results in repeated refills and refreshing of drinks. The ice machine produces the ice cubes individually, so they won’t clump together in the bin. This ice type measures 1” in high with a 7/8” diameter.

Top Hat Ice Makers Fit Right In

Chances are, if you choose to offer this ice type on your menu, it won't be the only ice you use. Luckily, you don't have to worry about running out of space for ice equipment. Hoshizaki’s AM-50 top hat ice maker is great for small bars that need to save space with an undercounter unit. The AM-50 measures 31 ½” tall, so it can fit under just about any sized bar or countertop. The front in/front out ventilation design prevents hot air from circulating around the machine when it's installed under a counter. Your bartenders will love the convenience of scooping the ice into glasses right at the bar.

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Top Hat Ice
Brand Hoshizaki
Shape Top Hat
Available Models AM-50BAE AD AM-50BAE ADDS
Diameter 7/8"
Height 1"

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Hoshizaki Ice

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