Ice Machine Solutions for Golf Courses & Country Clubs

If you have experience managing a golf course or country club, you know that success always boils down to the experience. All the details you so carefully consider—large or small—contribute to a goal that managers in all industries share: happy guests who always want to come back.

One of the most important details? Their beverages! And what do beverages need? That’s right, ice!

Ice Machine Solutions for Golf Courses & Country Clubs
Premium Equipment Done Right
Our rental solution goes far beyond providing top-rated equipment. Easy Ice takes the time to understand your business needs and find the perfect equipment for you.
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Unmatched Service
We have thousands of service calls under our belt. All repair, cleaning, and maintenance practices are powered by the largest database of ice machine solutions in the world.
Availability When You Need It
Unexpected issues happen, and we're always ready. Whether it's a repair or covering your backup ice due to mechanical failure, we've always got you covered—365 days a year.

Get ICE for your golf course the Easy Way!

Ditch the hassles of ice machine ownership today.

A better way to manage your ice machines

Like any business, there are many variables involved in finding the right golf course ice machine for your specific needs.

With commercial ice machine rentals from Easy Ice, you can always rest assured that your ice supply is in good hands.

From refreshment stations to bars, restaurants, banquet halls and beyond, each of your club's amenities requires a unique configuration to achieve the perfect ice solution.

With a managed commercial ice machine rental from Easy Ice, every last part of your business that needs ice gets a solution that's informed by years of experience. From selecting the right ice type and production capacity of your different units to installation, service, and repairs, the ice machine experts have you covered every step of the way! If your ice maker breaks down due to mechanical failure, we don't just fix it, but we even cover your backup ice. Our top priority is providing an affordable, stress-free ice maker solution that offers unmatched convenience.


The right ice makers for your amenities

Golf courses, country clubs, and similar establishments usually offer a number of amenities. They all serve unique purposes, and often require different set ups. For example, kitchens and restaurants may utilize high-capacity ice machines that produce cubed ice, or maybe owners would rather put a nugget ice machine on top of a soda fountain due to its popularity.

For a bar, managers might want something that's designed to fit into smaller spaces like an undercounter ice machine, or they may even want to offer their customers specialty ice like spheres or large cubes to elevate their experience. We know golfers have good taste!

Outdoor beverage stations, on the other hand, will likely be a more compact set up where patrons can quickly fill water cups from a water and ice dispenser before heading back to their cart.