Does Easy Ice Offer Ice Machines for Sale?

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Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

With an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure your staff always has ice available throughout the day.

The short answer is “no”, we do not offer ice machines for sale.

The longer answer involves us explaining why purchasing is likely not the best solution for your business.  If you are open to learning about that, you have a few options:

  • Call us at 866-327-9423.
  • Take a look at a few of the Chef Irvine videos that share his perspective on ice machine ownership. 

We developed ice machine subscriptions as an alternative to buying or leasing.  We’re not in the business of offering ice machines for sale, as we believe subscriptions are a smarter option.

Our saying is No Capital.  No Hassle.  Just Ice.  And that’s exactly what you get with our ice machine subscriptions.  We understand that ice machine ownership is stressful, time-consuming and expensive.  That’s why we created the subscription model for ice makers.

Customer continually tell us they wish they’d know about us sooner, as owning an ice machine was a nightmare for them!  Subscriptions allow our customers to spend more time on revenue generating activities.  And allows them to invest in their business, instead of spending capital on a piece of equipment that requires constant maintenance.

Subscriptions are affordable and simple, and a great alternative to finding an ice machine for sale.  For a reasonable monthly fee, we provide your business with ice machines and all of the upkeep.  We’ve partnered exclusively with Hoshizaki to bring our customers the most durable and energy-efficient ice machines.  We handle all repairs, maintenance, water filter replacements and more!


If, after doing all that, you are still committed to purchasing your own ice machine, give your local Hoshizaki sales rep a call.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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