How do I Keep the Ice Machine Clean Between Preventive Maintenance Service Appointments?

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Keeping a commercial ice machine clean is important for the health of the ice and the ice maker.  Our ice machine subscriptions include two comprehensive cleanings per year, but the ice maker needs attention in between our visits.

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If you don’t keep the ice machine clean between our maintenance visits, you can put your employees and guests at risk.  A dirty ice machine can produce dirty ice.  And slimy, moldy, dirty ice is a health hazard.

Here are a few tips to keep your equipment clean and healthy between our visits:

  • Clean the exterior surfaces of commercial ice machine weekly with diluted bleach to inhibit mold growth.
  • Rinse out ice machine air filters frequently. (NOTE:  Do not bang or hit the air filters on anything to clean — this will damage the filter. Grease, dust and lint in the air filter will decrease the performance of the ice maker.)
  • Periodically, clean the inside of the ice machine bin by wiping with diluted bleach.
  • Make sure the ice machine is protected from extreme temperatures (no less than 40F and no higher than 90F).
  • Check the drain periodically to make sure it’s free from debris.

If the ice maker is in an area with high yeast, grease or dust, you will need additional comprehensive cleanings.  Contact customer service if you are not already enrolled in our additional cleanings program.  Ice machines that we place in sites with these conditions require extra cleanings.

Easy Ice is only responsible for cleaning ice bins that come from us.  If you only subscribe to our ice machine, and not the bin, you are completely responsible for cleaning the ice bin.  If you own your ice bin, it is fully your responsibility to clean and maintain it.

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