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The Most Convenient, Cost-Effective Way for Seasonal Businesses to Get an Ice Maker

A brand new commercial ice machine is expensive--and for seasonal businesses, it's not the best investment. Ice machines used seasonally require extra care and proper storage, which means more bills and hassle than the average year-round business. If you want to save money and make your ice machine experience less stressful, a seasonal Easy Ice subscription is the perfect solution.

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A Superior Alternative to Owning a Seasonal Ice Machine

We want to give you and your seasonal business the easiest ice solution in Milwaukee. Our subscription not supplies a leading ice maker for your on-season but pairs it with five-star care to guarantee a clean, consistent ice supply.

For a low monthly payment, you'll gain access to these features:

Repairs Covered at No Extra Cost

We perform preventive maintenance and cleanings on your ice machine during the off-season to prepare it for your opening. That goes a long way toward preventing breakdowns--but if the ice machine gives you any trouble, we'll quickly repair it for free. We also provide you with free replacement ice while the ice maker is out of order.

Customer Support 7 Days a Week

You can call us anytime if you have questions about your ice machine or need help with a broken ice machine. We take pride in our fast response times. If we can't solve your issue on the phone, we'll send a technician to your business ASAP.

Smooth Transitions

You won't have to worry about installing the ice machine before opening day, uninstalling at the close of your season, and storing it offsite through the off-season. We handle all of that. We'll drop off the ice machine when you need it and pick it back up again when your season ends. In between seasons, we'll keep the ice machine safe, clean, and cared for so it's ready for next year.


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