The Best Maintenance and Repairs for Commercial Ice Makers in New York City

Customer safety and satisfaction are essential to your business' success. That's why it's so important to choose an ice machine service company you can trust. Proper ice machine maintenance and cleanings prevent dirty ice and ice machine breakdowns. Fast, quality repairs keep your stress and customer disruption at a minimum when your ice maker stops working properly.

Don't take chances with your ice supply. Hire Easy Ice to take care of your ice-making equipment. We're ice machine experts.

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Five-Star Ice Machine Service in New York City 7 Days a Week

We know how important ice is to your business, which is why we're always available to take your calls and offer you the support you need. We won't leave you with an empty ice bin for long. If we can't solve your problem over the phone, we'll send one of our technicians out to your business ASAP to take care of your ice maker.

Professional Diagnostic Testing

Why Easy Ice is the Best Ice Machine Service Company in New York

As a national company that manages over 30,000 ice machines across the country, we can confidently say we know commercial ice equipment. We understand how important proper ice machine care is, not only to a business's success but for human health and safety. When you hire Easy Ice, your ice maker is in expert hands.

Here's what we provide to commercial ice machine owners in the New York City area:

  • The Highest-Quality Maintenance and Repairs

    Some business owners call HVAC or refrigeration companies to handle their commercial ice machine's care. While HVAC and refrigeration techs know ice maker basics, they're can't guarantee a perfect deep cleaning or inspection. Easy Ice technicians are commercial ice machine specialists. All they work on 7 days a week is ice makers. They're well-trained, experienced commercial ice equipment service providers.

  • Professional Cleaning and Sanitization of All Your Ice-Making Equipment

    Manufacturers strongly recommend their commercial ice machines be deep cleaned every six months at minimum. In some environments, more frequent cleanings are required to prevent dirty ice. We will clean and sanitize your ice maker and ice bin the right way every single time, so you can always be confident about the safety of your ice supply.

  • Effective Preventive Maintenance

    At each appointment, your Easy Ice technician will change the ice machine's water filter, check the control box, look for leaks, inspect the evaporator plate, and more. We know how to catch technical problems before they start, and we're always doing our best to prevent unexpected ice machine breakdowns at your business. Our preventive maintenance practices lengthen the life of your ice machine, saving your money in the big picture.

  • Diagnostic Testing for Tough Ice Maker Issues

    Unlike HVAC and refrigeration workers, our technicians know how to run diagnostic tests on commercial ice machines when visual inspection fails to identify problems. If your ice maker isn't working properly, we'll figure out why and fix the problem--whatever it takes.

  • Reliable Customer Support, 7 Days a Week

    If your commercial ice machine breaks down, gives you signs of trouble, or needs a deep cleaning, we can help you anytime. Our team is available to take your calls 365 days a year. We know how important ice is to your business, so we won't make you wait for ice machine service.

We Handle Your Ice Machine, So You Can Focus on Your Business

With Easy Ice in your corner, you'll barely think of your ice maker at all. If you trust us with your ice equipment's cleanings and preventive maintenance, we'll do a better job than any other ice machine service company in New York. Don't take chances with your business' ice supply. Hire the Ice Machine experts to protect it.

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