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Ice Making Machine Rental Subscription Program

The Most Convenient, Cost-Effective Ice Machine Solution for New York Businesses

Commercial ice makers are expensive to buy and expensive to own. They cost thousands of dollars at retail price and require ongoing professional cleaning and maintenance. Eventually, you'll need to have your ice maker repaired, and repairs on commercial ice equipment are never cheap. If you don't pay for routine cleaning and maintenance, your ice machine will have a shorter lifespan and probably produce dirty ice that could get you in trouble with a health inspector.

If you want a top-rated ice machine in New York City without all of those bills and stress, you're in luck. An Easy Ice subscription gives you quality ice-making equipment and the care it needs for one affordable monthly payment.

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An Ice Machine Solution for Business Owners and Their Customers

Buying and owning a commercial ice machine in New York City will cost you thousands of dollars. It's also an extra responsibility you don't need, when you're trying to run a successful business. Ice machines need to be professionally cleaned and receive routine maintenance every six months at minimum--and finding a trustworthy ice machine service company can be harder than you imagine.

Easy Ice designed our subscription to simplify the ice machine experience for business owners like you. Your monthly subscription rate covers all of these features:

  • Ice Equipment from Leading Brands

    We offer commercial ice machines, ice bins, and dispensers from Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Kold-Draft, and Ice-o-Matic because they're at the top of their class. This durable equipment makes beautiful, clear ice year after year. Our inventory covers the whole range of ice types and daily production capacities, from 250 to 2,000 lbs of ice.

  • The Best Preventive Maintenance and All Repairs

    You'll never have to pay out of pocket for biannual maintenance, cleanings, or repairs for the ice machine. That's what sets our subscription apart from traditional ice machine rental options. And our technicians are ice machine experts who know how to clean, inspect, and fix commercial ice makers the right way every time.

  • Free Replacement Ice

    The high-quality maintenance we provide in our subscription goes a long way toward preventing unexpected ice machine breakdowns. But if the ice maker at your business ever does stop working properly, we'll make sure you have backup ice while you wait for us to repair the machine.

  • Customer Support Whenever You Need It

    Our team is ready to take your calls 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your ice supply is important, so we won't leave you waiting for help when you need it. If you have an ice machine problem we can't solve over the phone, we'll send one of our technicians to your location ASAP.

Flexibility That Can't Be Beat

When you purchase a commercial ice machine in New York City, you're stuck with it--even if you shut your business down or double your monthly number of customers. Replacing the ice maker with another one will cost you thousands of dollars all over again, and getting rid of it sooner than you expected means losing some of the money you spent to buy the ice maker.

An Easy Ice subscription gives you flexibility you won't get as an ice machine owner. If your business shuts down, you can give the ice machine back instead of throwing it out or dealing with the hassle of trying to sell it used. If your business grows and requires more ice per day, you can trade your ice machine in for a different model. Our subscription responds to your changing business needs, keeping your ice machine experience hassle-free.

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