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If you run a seasonal business, your ice supply is just as important to you as it is to year-round businesses. Maybe even more important! You need an ice machine you can count on, but owning one is too expensive and inconvenient, given that you'll only use it for part of the year. 

Easy Ice has the perfect alternative: a seasonal ice machine subscription that saves you money and hassle.

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Get a Commercial Ice Maker from a Leading Brand without Spending a Fortune

Would a Seasonal Easy Ice Subscription Work for Your Business?

What Sets Our Seasonal Subscription Apart from Other Ice Solutions

Commercial ice machine rental is nothing new. You've probably already considered it for your seasonal business. Most standard ice machine rental options in New York City don't give you a short-term option, however, and the ones that do usually only offer the equipment, leaving you responsible for cleaning and repairs.

An Easy Ice seasonal subscription is not just another ice maker rental option. We allow you to sign up for the ice machine you want on a limited basis that fits your business schedule. We also offer you these features you definitely won't get if you purchase an ice machine or rent one somewhere else:

Preventive Maintenance, Cleanings, and Repairs at No Extra Cost

With an Easy Ice subscription, you'll never pay for ice machine service out of pocket. We make sure to perform the deep cleaning and maintenance the ice maker needs before delivering it to you at the start of your open season. If the ice machine breaks down or starts to malfunction while you've got it, we'll fix it for free! We also provide free replacement ice if the ice maker goes down, until we can get it running again.

Customer Support You Can Count On, 7 Days a Week

We know how important ice is to seasonal businesses, so we won't leave you waiting for help with your ice machine when you need it. Call us anytime with your questions or concerns about the ice machine. If we can't solve the problem over the phone, we'll send one of our highly trained technicians to your location ASAP.

Opening and Closing Made Easy

If you sign up for a seasonal Easy Ice subscription, you'll never have to worry about transitioning in and out seasonally again. We deliver and install the ice maker at the start of your season and pick it up at the end. During the off-season, we store the ice machine safely, and prepare it before next year's season. All you have to do is use the ice machine when you need it. It's that simple.


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