We have a few hassle-free monthly payment options:

  • You can set up automatic debit authorization from your bank account
  • You can charge your monthly subscription to a major debit or credit card
  • eCheck or Electronic Funds Transfer (issued on the first day of each month)

With either choice, you will be charged your first month’s partial subscription fee (based on your installation date) plus a set-up fee.

Our monthly ice machine subscriptions start as low as $129 per month!

Our ice machine subscriptions are simple in every way, including payment and billing options.  No other national company offers a full end-to-end solution for all of your ice needs at an affordable price.

Payment for subscriptions is easy since our customers pay a fixed price every month.  No hidden fees or added expenses!  Using a debit or credit card simplifies our service even more.  Your subscription price is charged once a month and never changes (unless you upsize equipment or order Peak Ice).  Please note:  Tax rates may change periodically which may nominally increase your monthly payment.

Our entire program is built around being the easiest ice machine solution in the country.  Subscription prices are fixed as long as you have the ice machine on site — no hidden costs!

Unlike many expenses, like credit card statements, there is nothing for us to itemize for our customers. Everything you need to keep ice in the bin is set at a flat rate.  Your monthly subscription fee is fixed.  However, if you order Peak Ice, upgrade ice making equipment or require additional cleanings, or call us when there’s no problem with your machine, you will be charged for those items.

Fixed price and automatic billing makes budgeting easy for our customers.  No paper bills or invoice to deal with.  No checks to write.  Our simple payment and billing options are hassle-free and they save you money.  By reducing our processing expenses, we can provide you with ice machines at lower monthly prices.

ComputerIf you need to speak to someone about billing, our customer service team is available 24/7, 365 days per year.  Customer care representatives are U.S.-based and ready to help you at anytime.

Hassle-free service and stress-free billing and payment options make Easy Ice the smartest choice for commercial ice machines nationwide!