A hotel-style ice machine is one of the most common appliances guests will ask about when they check in for their stay. If an adequate number of ice makers aren’t present in a hotel, it can quickly create inconveniences that take time away from your staff and create problems for customers. These days, many large hotels prefer to simply install an ice dispenser on each floor to ensure their guests always have the ice they need. Whatever your business needs are, our managed rental program ensures you and your valued guests always have the ice you need!

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Why Lease a Hotel Ice Maker from Easy Ice?

All-Inclusive Ice Machine Management

Plentiful ice is a must for your patrons. The last thing you want is for a broken-down ice machine to negatively impact the experience you provide to all the guests stayinhg in your hotel! With Easy Ice, broken down ice machines and empty ice bins are a thing of the past.

Our customers benefit from routine maintenance and guaranteed repairs for no extra cost. We understand that hospitality never stops, and that’s why we’re available for you to contact 365 days a year. A human will respond to your inquiry right away, and if there's an easy fix, you might have your ice machine operational in a few seconds. If you need more extensive repairs, the best technicians in the business will be there in no time.

Ice Makers Certified for ENERGY STAR® and ADA Compliance

Our inventory of hotel-style ice machines includes many modern, energy-efficient models. By leasing the latest ice makers, you can save money on electricity and increase your green footprint. We also offer ADA-compliant models, which is an important factor for a large business like a hotel with a variety of guest needs.

Call the Ice Experts

From helping you select the perfect equipment for your business to installation, maintenance, and all repairs, Easy Ice always has your back when it comes to your ice supply.


What is the ice machine in hotels for?

Ice makers in hotels provide guests with convenient access to ice for cooling beverages, preserving food, and other personal uses during their stay. They also save the hotel staff time by ensuring that all guests know where to get ice and can do so on their own.

Do hotel ice machines use filtered water?

Most hotel ice machines use water filters to ensure the ice is clean and free from impurities.

How long does it take for a hotel ice machine to make ice?

A hotel ice machine's capacity varies depending on the model and environmental conditions. A larger machine in a temperature-controlled area should produce more ice, while a smaller one will produce less. Be sure to consider the volume of ice you need and choose an ice machine to match.

How do ice dispensing machines work?

Ice vending machines dispense ice directly to customers. The machine produces, stores, and releases ice into bags or containers. They’re usually operated by simply pushing a button to open the chute and start dispensing.