A hotel style ice machine is one of the most common appliances guests ask about. Many large hotels insist on installing an ice dispenser on each floor, so guests have plenty of ice for water or drinks they plan on having in their room. When ice is not present, you’ll be sure guests will request some, which takes time away from your employees.

Our hotels style ice machines feature a push-button activation so guests can retrieve ice fast and conveniently. They are ADA compliant, so wheelchair-bound guests can easily fill ice buckets for fresh ice. Since the customers simply need to press a button to gather ice, dispensers also have the benefit of reducing the chances of accidental contamination!

Our commercial ice machine subscription program includes hotel ice dispensers, preventative maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – all for one low monthly payment! Since the hospitality industry never sleeps, we offer 24/7 support in the event your ice dispenser has any issues. If we can’t fix the problem over the phone, we’ll make sure to send one of our experienced ice machine technicians to your location as soon as possible!

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