Large and slow-melting, sphere ice is an eye-catching choice that helps elevate your guests’ experience. These cubes leave cocktails perfectly chilled and flavorful, so your customers can sip their drinks slowly. Hoshizaki sphere ice machines produce the ice balls in halves, fusing them together for a perfectly round shape. These machines also use the cleanest water in their ice-making process, leaving you with crystal clear ice. Producing up to 50 lbs. a day, sphere ice machines are a great addition to any bar or restaurant.

Ice machines come with many hidden costs, which can be challenging for business owners. However, with our all-inclusive ice machine leasing program, you’ll have access the best machines at the lowest prices. Your lease also includes preventive maintenance, cleanings, repairs, and more for one low monthly fee. Contact us today and see what Automatic Icemakers can do for you!

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