3M Water Filtration Products ICE260S Dual Cartridge Ice Machine Water Filtration System


The 3M Water Filtration ICE260-S Water Filtration System for commercial ice machines is a dual manifold, high flow cartridge system that improves the quality of the water, which makes for a better tasting ice cube. These filters reduce sediment, chlorine taste, and odor in the water. Built-in ice scale reducers prevent calcium and magnesium bonds, which cause scale to stick to ice machine components.

This filtration system is ideal for ice machines located in areas with water that  has a high concentration of particulates, known as high turbidity water. Particles found in high-turbidity water cloud ice cubes and affect their taste. The 3M ICE260-S combines two HF60-S cartridges to help reduce sediment, bacteria, chlorine taste, and odor and reduces chlorine corrosion and scale up to 70,000 gallons.


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