Hoshizaki F-300BAJ-C Air Cooled Cubelet Ice Machine

288 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki F-300BAJ-C Air Cooled Cubelet ice machine produces up to 214 lbs of soft, chewable cubelet ice a day. This is a great ice machine for schools and clinics, who use cubelet ice for drinks and patient care.

The Hoshizaki F-300BAJ-C  ice machine comes with 80 lbs of built-in storage, so you don’t need to purchase an additional ice bin. Advanced CleanCycle24 design helps maintain a clean ice supply along with H-Guard AntiMicrobial Agent which prevents contamination. The front drop-down door makes for easy ice retrieval.

The Hoshizaki F-300BAJ-C  ice machine produces soft, chewable cubelet ice (nugget ice). This style of ice is very popular with schools and hospitals because the cubes’ soft texture is easy on teeth and presents less of a choking hazard. Cubelet ice also provides a more consistent cooling area for cold compresses than standard square cubes. The moldable nature of the ice forms evenly around elbows and ankles.

Cubelet ice is also a great addition to sugary drinks and cocktails. The porous texture of the ice retains that flavor of drinks, even after the last drop.