Hoshizaki F-500BAJ Air Cooled Flake Ice Machine

536 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki F-500BAJ Air Cooled Flake Ice Machine F-500 for Hoshizaki is a flake ice maker that produces up to 536 lbs of moldable flake ice a day.

Each Hoshizaki F-500BAJ Ice Machine comes with 170 lbs of built-in storage, so you don’t have to buy an additional bin to store fresh flake ice for your customers. The stainless-steel exterior is tough as they come, protecting against dirt and corrosion. H-Guard Plus Antimicrobial Agent guards ice scoops against contamination, which keeps your ice supply clean.

Flake ice is used for many different purposes depending on the industry. Its moldable texture makes is a great choice for elaborate food displays, because it keeps food in place and while preserving it for customers. In clinical settings, flake ice is a smart choice for cold compresses because it won’t tear through bags and molds around elbows and knees, ensuring even cooling.