ION 900 Series Water Dispenser


The ION 900 Series Water Dispenser is the best choice for businesses looking for a counter top water dispenser for break rooms or waiting lounges. Depending on the model, ION water dispensers deliver hot, cold, ambient, or even sparkling water at the press of a button. The ION water dispenser comes in a range of colors, and it’s sleek design looks great in any setting.

The ION 900 Series Water Dispenser cools and heats water quickly, so repeated users always get a cool or hot glass of water. Water dispensers are great for the environment, because staff don’t have to continually bring in bottles of water.

Each model in the ION 900 Series Water Dispenser has a sleep mode feature that greatly reduces energy usage when the unit is not being used. LED alert notifications let users know when they need to replace their water filter to ensure their water stays fresh and clean.

If countertop installation is not an option, the ION 990 Water Dispenser Stand is available as well.

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