Manitowoc IRT-1900N Remote Cooled Regular Ice Machine

1,760 lbs/day

If you’re looking for large, cocktail cubes at a high volume, the Manitowoc IRT-1900N ice machine has you covered. This ice machine produces up to 1760 lbs of ice per day. This machine is the perfect choice for a high-volume bar or restaurant where fancy cocktails are the norm. With intelligent diagnostics and easyTouch display, users will always know the status of their unit or when their next preventive maintenance event is due. The Manitowoc IRT-1900N ice machine produces their Regular (IR) sized cubes, which are large and slow melting, perfect for high-end spirits and cocktails. They retain the same, unique “rhomboid” shape found in Manitowoc ice makers’ Dice and Half Dice machines. This provides a traditional square-shaped cube with a twist. Regular cube ice machines come in a wide range of production sizes to fit any sized establishment.