MGR LP-2000 Ice Bagging System

2,000 lbs/day

The MGR LP-2000 ice bagging system is a low-profile unit for businesses that need to bag large amounts of ice, but don’t have a lot of room between the floor and the ceiling. These units are shorter than MGR’s SD Series commercial ice bagging units, saving space but still holding a large amount of ice. This model holds 2000 lbs of ice and automatically dispenses ice into a commercial ice bag without the need for scoops or shovels.

The MGR LP-2000 ice bagging system features MGR’s durable stainless-steel construction along with 2″ expanded polystyrene insulation to keep ice from melting. The MGR LP-2000 ice bagging system uses a stainless-steel agitator system to circulate ice supply at the press of a button, keeping ice from clumping together.

Choose from plenty of accessories such as a bag blower, portion timer, bag taper, or coin operator mechanism.

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