MGR SD-2000 Ice Bagging System

2,000 lbs/day

The MGR SD-2000 ice bagging system is part of their line of volume bagging ice dispensers. The MGR SD-2000 ice bagging system holds up to 2000 lbs of ice and easily dispenses ice directly into a commercial ice bag without the need for a scoop or paddle.

With stainless-steel construction throughout, the MGR SD-2000 ice bagging system can withstand the toughest work environment. Urethane insulation keeps ice cool and solid throughout the day. A stainless-steel agitator system circulates ice to keep it from clumping together, which can clog the ice dispensing zone.

Dispensing is easy. Drop ice directly into any commercial ice bag up to 20 lbs by pressing the foot-activated pedal control. Choose from plenty of accessories such as a bag blower, portion timer, bag taper, or coin operator mechanism.

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