The Best Ice Machine Solution for Seasonal Businesses in Sedalia

An Easy Ice Subscription Makes Seasonal Ice Machine Use Convenient and Cost-effective

Your ice machine doesn't have to be more complicated or costly just because you run a seasonal business. With our subscription program, you can get a top-rated ice machine for exactly as long as you need it and not a day more. We'll make sure it's clean and fully functional in time for your on-season.

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The Only All-inclusive Season Ice Machine Subscription in Sedalia

Unlike our competitors, Easy Ice doesn't just offer a traditional ice machine rental option. Our subscription covers all the ice machine care you'll ever need to maintain a safe, consistent ice supply.

All Repairs Included, No Exceptions

Don't get stuck paying for expensive ice machine repairs in the middle of your busy season or scrambling to buy ice in the event of an ice machine breakdown. Your Easy Ice subscription payment covers all repairs, no matter how major or pricey.

24/7 Customer Service for Your Sedalia Business

Even if you only rent one of our ice machines for 3-6 months at a time, we still provide you with the same customer service available to our year-long subscription clients. You can rest easy we'll always be there to help you with your ice equipment when you need us.

Smooth Transitions Every Time

We know how important ice is to the success of your seasonal business, so we make sure to take great care of your ice machine through the off-season to prepare it for your on-season. If you need to ice maker during spring or summer, we winterize it to prevent damage to it during Sedalia's colder months. With an Easy Ice subscription, the beginning and end of your active period will be a breeze every year.


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Learn How Easy Ice Meets the Needs of Your Industry:

  • Restaurants & Food
    Service in Sedalia

    From cooking preparation to salad bars, food displays to beverages, restaurants and food service businesses are uniquely dependent on a reliable food-grade ice supply. Learn more about restaurant ice solutions.

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  • Hospitals & Healthcare
    Providers in Sedalia

    From hospitals to physical therapy clinics and physicians’ offices, healthcare facilities must have a steady supply of clean, safe ice at all times. Learn how our full-service ice machine subscription program can benefit your facility.

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  • Large Facilities in Sedalia

    Whether you’re managing a corporate campus, transportation facility, resort or university, you need cost-effective solutions for keeping employees and work crews cool and hydrated. Learn more about our ice supply program for large facilities.

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  • Corporate Offices in Sedalia

    Many corporate facilities require commercial ice machines on property for employees to use. Find out why corporate facilities managers and purchasing agents find our commercial ice machine offering better than owning or leasing.

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  • Hotels in Sedalia

    Commercial ice machines and dispensers are located in nearly every hallway and on every floor of a hotel. Find out why Easy Ice subscriptions are the logical choice for your hotel.

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