What Happens If My Ice Machine Breaks on a Holiday?

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Holidays are no different than any other day of the year at Easy Ice.  Our U.S.-based customer care team is always available for our customers.

Dependable Ice for Your Workforce

With an Easy Ice subscription, you can ensure your staff always has ice available throughout the day.

Weekends, holidays and off-hours don’t affect the quality service that you’re used to during business hours.  Our national network of service technicians allows us to guarantee service any day of the year.  If we can’t repair the ice machine in 3-6 hours, our customers receive complimentary Breakdown Ice.

If the ice machine isn’t working, simply call 866-easyice (327-9423). Day or night, weekends or holidays, we’re ready to serve you.

That’s part of our Easy Ice promise: we will be there when you need us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We will be here to take your calls during weekends as well as holidays.  Even during holidays, we guarantee ice in your bin!

If you owned an ice machine in the past, you know how difficult it can be to get repair service during off hours or holidays.  When you finally find the technician’s number, you’ll usually get an “out of office” voicemail if you call on a holiday.  If you’re able to reach a repair ice machine technician on a holiday, they’ll certainly charge you extra fees for off-hours repair.

With an Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription, you are never charged extra for repair service during weekends, evenings or holidays.  

Our ice machine subscriptions include all repairs. Therefore you never have to worry about if your ice cube production going down, or a  ice maker not working due to ice machine freeze up. Customers are not charged for repairs (parts and labor), even if you need help during off-hours.  Supplying your business with a stress-free supply of ice is our promise!

Go ahead and enjoy stress-free holidays..even if the ice machine breaks!

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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