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The Best Ice Solution for Seasonal Businesses

You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a commercial ice machine you'll only need for a limited period each year, but you need to supply customers with ice. We're here to solve this problem for you with our seasonal ice machine subscription. For an affordable monthly payment, you can get a premium ice maker and the care to match, for your business season and not a day longer.

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What We Offer Our Seasonal Subscription Customers

Our seasonal subscription goes beyond other short-term ice machine lease options in Wichita. Your monthly payment covers all the ice maker care you need for a clean, consistent ice supply.

Here's what we guarantee through our subscription:

Preventive Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement Ice

You'll never have to pay out of pocket for your ice maker's maintenance, cleanings, or repairs. It's all included. We clean and inspect the ice machine during the off-season to ensure it consistently gives you all the safe ice you need when you're open. If you ice maker does break down on the job, we'll fix it quickly and provide you with free replacement ice until your ice machine is back up.

Customer Service 7 Days a Week

If you ever have any questions about your commercial ice machine or if you run into production problems, we're always available to take your calls. We prioritize speed and efficiency in our customer service. If your ice machine's  not working properly, we'll send a technician to your business ASAP.

Season Transitions Made Easy

You'll never again have to worry about installing and uninstalling your ice machine or storing it during the off-season. We deliver and install the ice maker when your business opens and pick it up again when you close for the year. We'll make sure to store the ice machine in the conditions manufacturers recommend, which reduces the chances of breakdowns during your active season. It's that simple.


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