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5 Foundations of Food Safety

As I travel around the industry – I’m keenly aware of the food safety image that my clients and other operators project. It’s this simple – if you’ve got a hand washing sink right behind you on a prep line that customers can see – USE IT! Frequently! September is National Food Safety Month. At ServSafe […]

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Breaking Ice Needs Down for Restaurants and Bars One Drink at a Time

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked by companies looking to subscribe to our ice machine program is “how much ice do I really need” for my restaurant or bar? And that’s a great question! There are many variables to consider to best factor your restaurant or bar’s ice needs. How large is your […]

Ice Machine Triple Threats: Scale, Slime, and Sediment

Death and taxes may be the most popular certainties, but for ice machine owners, scale, slime, and sediment are just as inevitable.   We’ll follow up this overview article with a deep dive on each topic with tips on how to minimize the buildup of these conditions as well as how to get rid of them […]

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Dogs in Restaurants Fetch Profits

Americans will spend an estimated $58B on their pets in 2014 and restaurants are realizing the buying power of dog owners.  Like their furry friends, dog owners tend to be loyal and if a restaurant accommodates their desire to dine with Fido, they’ll keep coming back. Hotels embraced this trend years ago and began capturing […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Update Job Descriptions for Your Restaurant

Job descriptions are an absolute must for all positions and should be updated, ideally, semi-annually.  Essential components of a job description include the job title and the title of the immediate supervisor, a list of job duties and responsibilities derived from job analysis, and a list of qualifications needed to successfully perform the job. While […]

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Top 5 Reasons for High Employee Turnover in Hospitality Industry

Employee turnover in the restaurant and hospitality space is significantly higher than other industries. What can restaurant and hotel managers do to correct this trend? We reached our to our friend Dr. Swathi Ravichandran for some answers. Swathi received her MBA in Marketing and a PhD in Foodservice and Lodging Management from Iowa State University […]

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Customer Referral Program

Easy Ice customers are often relieved (sometimes downright excited!) to have discovered the benefits of not owning an ice machine.  Now you can earn a FREE month of service by referring a new customer to Easy Ice. For every referral who becomes an Easy Ice customer, you earn a free month of service!  Isn’t that […]

Food and Ice Safety Programs

Safety First! Don’t Risk Food-Borne Illness!

The Iceologists are thrilled to unveil a new series of blogs about food safety by guest author, Kevin Scott.  Kevin is the National Accounts Manager for ServSafe, the National Restaurant Association’s food handling and safety training division. Kevin works with national accounts, large independent trainers and public health authorities, among other major entities, to provide strategic […]

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Thanksgiving: A Time to be Grateful

Thanksgiving is a special holiday.  It’s really the only secular holiday that everyone across the country celebrates similarly. Thanksgiving is about uniting, gathering and feeling grateful for our lives. Our Easy Ice family has much to be grateful for this year.  As we continue to grow, we’ve hired more staff and expanded our customer reach […]

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It’s Cool to be Square!

Solid, square ice cubes have been gaining popularity with mixologists and their customers over the past few years.  Classic cocktails, especially brown spirits, are making a comeback in bars across the country. The simplicity of these old standards rely on maintaining the deep, smokey flavors of the liquor.  When the ice melts too quickly, the […]