How Does an Ice Maker Work?

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how does an ice maker work

Commercial ice machines have advanced since John Gorrie first created them in 1845. Despite the advancements in ice machine functions, the ice-making process has remained relatively unchanged since first designed. Easy Ice has managed over 20,000 ice machines and counting. We understand how ice makers work – and how to keep them running well. Here is a high-level explanation of how an ice maker works.

The Difference Between Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Ice Machines

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Difference between air cooled and water cooled ice machines

Air-cooled and water-cooled machines use either air or water to cool condensers and keep ice production at a maximum. Both these types of machines operate differently and are best suited for specific environments. In this article, we discuss the difference between these two systems and which you should choose for your establishment.

Sphere Ice Ball Makers are Taking Bars by Storm!

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Ask any bartender, and they’ll tell you that quality cocktails need a quality ice cube. Traditionally, large, square ice cubes are a favorite in high-end cocktail and whiskey bars, but sphere ice is building in popularity. While sphere ice cubes certainly have a unique look, they were not easy to make. New sphere ice ball makers aim to fix that!

Why Does My Ice Maker Freeze Up?

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Believe it or not, ice can harm your ice maker and cost you a lot of money. An ice maker freeze up happens when too much water is spread in and around your ice maker and freezes, resulting in damage to vital components. Luckily, there are warning signs and ways to identify when an ice maker freezes up. Know the ... Read More

How to Reset an Ice Maker the Right Way

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Knowing how to reset an ice maker can reestablish ice to your business in rare circumstances if the machine has shut down. Many of the top commercial ice machines on the market will go into a shutoff mode either a Hoshizaki beep code or a Manitowoc error code if they encounter a problem. Most of the time, resetting an ice maker only succeeds in postponing the inevitable repair you’ll need to get the machine back in working order.