Why we created Easy Ice

Serendipity. A good word that describes how a lot of things happen…by accident or good fortune. While researching an energy savings technology for ice machines we met with manufacturers, distributors, dealers and end users of ice machines from around the World. We learned a few lessons along the way:

  • Ice machine owners really view the machine as a necessary evil.
  • What customers really want is an endless amount of ice with the least hassle and cost.
  • Properly managed ice machines are expensive to own and a huge hassle.
  • Very few owners properly manage ice machines.
  • Ice machine manufacturers are really good at building ice machines but aren’t in the service business.
  • The deck is stacked against the ice machine owner because of the structure of the industry.
  • The most satisfied customers rent or lease ice machines with all services included.
  • Companies who provide an “all services included” rental or lease program are the best in the world at managing ice machines.
  • No national provider of an “all services include” rental program for commercial ice machines existed.
  • A national provider would have the capability to offer more benefit than a local provider.

After two years of extensive analysis we determined that we could provide a nationwide service that was superior to any other offering available to customers. Our offering would meet the need of endless ice, at a lower total cost of ownership and the least amount of hassle to the customer.

We are just three years into our journey as Easy Ice. To date we have installed 3200 ice machines which represent an investment in excess of $10 million dollars. We have the industry’s only 24 x 7 x 365 call center capability which means we are always here for our customers. We have the largest network of service techs and back-up ice providers ever assembled. We are growing at a rate 20 times that of any other provider (although remain the only national provider).

Most importantly we have helped many businesses reduce capital expenditures and hassle by providing them just what they need and not something that somebody wants to sell them. We have made the “necessary evil” ice machine our problem, not the customer’s problem.

We have also created a bunch of jobs: Management, call center, service, sales, and accounting. This is a good thing, especially in today’s economy. We are proud of this contribution. This journey is rewarding. It is also challenging.

We want to share this journey with you. We hope you will follow along as we transform how people get ice.